Looking for a neat gift? Well, look no further. They are all the rage! What are these little critters? UB Funkeys! They are little brightly colored toy figures that you can collect. But it doesn’t stop there. They are so much more than that. They plug into your computer and come alive onscreen. When you plug your UB Funkey into the hub that is connected to your personal computer you UB Funkey will appear as an avatar the screen. You can use your avatar to take your UB Funkey around “Funkeytown” and explore the town. You can play games, travel and collect coins. When your UB Funkey has collected coins it can use the earned coins to buy merchandise to decorate his or her crib, as the houses are referred to in this virtual world. You will earn not only coins but you will also earn rewards. The rewards will typically follow the theme of the UB Funkey you are playing with at the time. The more of the adorable little UB Funkey characters you collect the further you will also get in the game, because each of the UB Funkeys have access to different parts of the game. Some UB Funkeys open doors and some give you access to portals or different zones in the UB Funkey’s world. The more UB Funkeys you have the greater your virtual world will be not only in quality but also in size.